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Project Earth is a tactical Roguelike where instead of finding your gear, you craft your gear! Enemies drop crafting materials when defeated. The type of materials used affects the kinds of items you make.

Feel free to leave a comment! Instructions on how to play are attached in a text document titled "How To Play[README].txt".

I can be contacted through discord. My discord username is AxeForge #0707. I'm on the following discord servers as well:

  • roguelikes
  • Tangledeep
  • Dungeonfans Academy
  • Auto Combat Zone
  • Song of Syx
  • Ask GameDev
  • Rise to Ruins
  • Half Human Games

- Project Earth is in the VERY early stages of development to get an idea for concepts. Feedback is very much appreciated!
- Any bugs you encounter, or general feedback please don't hesitate to message me on Discord: AxeForge #0707.
- If you can, please fill out the google form at this link. This helps give me a very clear source of feedback I can use for future builds.
- Feel free to leave a comment.  At some point this page will go down in the future as I head towards more ironed out builds.

- Libraries used:
- SDL2 and SDL2_TTF both linked and utilized. SDL2_Image and SDL2_Mixer is linked but not utilized. Link to main site is here.
Font used:
- Lanapixel by eishiya found here.

Thanks for playing!

Updated 29 days ago
GenreRole Playing
TagsCrafting, Roguelike

Install instructions

See How To Play[README].txt for details.


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